McDermott Design Studios – Expressive Contemporary Furniture

McDermott Design Studios (McDDS) prides itself in crafting creative, contemporary, heirloom-quality furniture pieces that explore the boundaries of form and functionality. Their modern concepts are new imaginations that bend rules of the past while still referencing the tried and tested designs of history. The heart of each unique and hand-crafted piece is a design that brings an amazing sense of character that is suitable for any style of living.

The McDDS team is a father and son duo which have different but complimentary talents. At the helm of crafting these incredibly precise designs is a master carpenter/industrial machinist who combines a unique set of skills gained from 40-years experience in both crafting high-end custom furniture and engineering military-grade industrial parts. The design-concepts are spearheaded by his son who was classically trained as a fine artist. Their influences blend to create the singular vision of McDermott Design Studios.